Independent Stylist



Mission Statement:

My mission is to consistently bring my clients the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with current trends through ongoing education; by educating clients about the care and daily styling of their hair; and by exceeding clients' expectations by bringing superior experience, style and artistic design to my practice.



When a client tells me: "You read my mind! That's exactly what I wanted." I am also inspired by the enrichment that I gain with every person I meet.

Products I Can’t Live Without:

Moroccan Oil hair spray. There's nothing like it!

Aquage thickening spray gel. It gives great fullness without making the hair stiff.

DS Labs is a great line for people who are losing hair.

Blonde or Brunette or Redheads?

I enjoy creating amazing results with every hair color.


Proudest Hair Moment:

Every time my client is happy with my work.


Style Icons:

Audrey Hepburn (classic, sleek, elegant) and Angelina Jolie (luxurious, soft waves).

Best Celebrity Hair:

Emma Stone (looks great in a variety of styles) and Jennifer Lawrence (short hair is very sophisticated).


Best Era for Hair:

I love them all! Chin length bobs from the 1920’s, full hair styles and updo's from the 1950’s, feathered back style from the 1970’s,punk rock styles of the 1990's, and loose curl styles of the 2000's.


Most Inspiring Moments:

Every time my clients are happy!

Influences in Doing Hair:

Attending hair shows and classes, television and movies.

What Potential Clients Should Know About Me:

I listen. I listen to what matters to them. I listen to what their hair desires are. I listen to how they live their life so that I can best assist them in choosing a hair style that fits their lifestyle and time schedule.


Regular Hours:

  • Monday open

  • Tuesday off

  • Wednesday open

  • Thursday off

  • Friday open

  • Saturday off

  • Sunday off