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Independent Stylist



To make my clients happy and build trusting relationships.


Making the most of who my clients are with great hair.

Can't Live without products:

Products to make your hair shine 

Blonde, Brunette or Redhead:

I'm a color specialist with 30+ years in the industry--all colors make us beautiful.

Proudest hair moment:

Every day

Who is your style icon?

All my clients' unique, individual beauty

What celebrity has the best hair?

Farrah, Glodie, and Russell Crowe

What is the best era for hair?

Every individual has different hair for every era. 

Who are your influences for doing hair?

My clients' needs

Most inspiring hair moment:

Making the clients who they should be with the self esteem you can get from great hair

What should potential clients know about you?

We will build a trusting relationship embracing who you are with great hair!

Regular Hours:

  • Monday open

  • Tuesday off

  • Wednesday open

  • Thursday off

  • Friday off

  • Saturday every other

  • Sunday off